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Creative writing camp los angeles

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creative writing camp los angeles

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creative writing camp los angeles

Looking to learn, grow and network with other creatives? I’ve talked about how meeting other creatives face-to-face at conferences, craft shows and other events has been absolutely crucial for growing my biz over the years. While there are plenty of conference roundups out there, I couldn’t find one that comprehensively listed the types of creative conferences that I’d like to attend or speak at. So I decided to create one!

I’m including events like Dragoncon, which is full of INCREDIBLY creative people. I also included a lot of Maker Faires here. I’ve been to a few, including the flagship event near San Francisco, and they are awesome events for creatives to meet each other, learn and get inspired. I steered clear of most traditional business and digital marketing industry events for this roundup, but I included a few bigger conferences that are known for kickass speakers and amazing content.

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