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Creative writing y7

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creative writing y7

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creative writing y7

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Creative writing normally refers to the production of texts which have an aesthetic rather than a purely informative, instrumental or pragmatic purpose. Most often, such texts take the form of poems or stories, though they are not confined to these genres. Letters, journal entries, blogs, essays, travelogues, etc. One of the chief distinguishing characteristics of CW texts is a playful engagement with language, stretching and testing its rules to the limit in a guilt-free atmosphere, where risk is encouraged. Such writing combines cognitive with affective modes of thinking.

Poetry is that which arrives at the intellect by way of the heart. The playful element in CW should not, however be confused with a lax and unregulated use of language. What are the benefits of CW for learners? CW aids language development at all levels: grammar, vocabulary, phonology and discourse. It requires learners to manipulate the language in interesting and demanding ways in attempting to express uniquely personal meanings.